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Daily Tips

Receive nutrition tips and recipes, workouts, meditation and mental fitness, affirmations, sleep and stress management tips, beauty advice and tutorials, travel and adventure, and more!


Create new healthy habits with our 5 to 7 day mini-challenges like our H2Olympics: The 5-Day Hydration Showdown or Sweet Liberation: The 7-Day Sugar Detox Adventure.


Get ready to experience a treasure trove of empowering tools and knowledge to nurture your mind, body, and soul on this fabulous journey of self-re-discovery.


Forge lifelong friendships and bask in the warmth of sisterhood! We believe in the power of authentic connections. Experience the joy of bonding with like-minded women.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our Ageless Goddesses community? We’ve got you covered. Check out the frequently asked questions below to learn more.

No, Ageless Goddesses is absolutely free to join! Our mission is to create a global sisterhood of awe-inspiring women, and we want to make sure this empowering community is accessible to all.

No, Ageless Goddesses welcomes women of all ages! While our content is tailored to the needs of women aged 50 and above, we believe in fostering an inclusive and diverse community. We are passionate about educating younger women about our empowering philosophy, so they can look forward to turning 50 with excitement and embrace the journey of Life Part 2 wholeheartedly. Whether you’re already 50+ or approaching this milestone, you’re invited to join our vibrant sisterhood and celebrate the beauty of every life stage!

Yes, since Ageless Goddesses is hosted on Facebook, you’ll need an active Facebook account to join and participate in our community discussions and events.

Complete the simple form at the top of this page to receive a welcome email with a link to join the group. Once your request is approved – usually within a couple of hours – you’ll be a part of our vibrant community.

Absolutely! We encourage you to invite your friends and loved ones who would resonate with our mission and benefit from the community. The more incredible women we have in our community, the stronger our sisterhood becomes.

Yes, Ageless Goddesses is a private Facebook community. The group is a safe and supportive space where only approved members can view and participate in the discussions.

Ageless Goddesses is a place of inspiration, support, and empowerment. Within our community, you’ll find daily tips, engaging discussions, workshops, challenges, and inspiring speakers. You’ll connect with like-minded women who celebrate aging, embrace positivity, and uplift each other on their journey of self-re-discovery.

Yes, indeed! Ageless Goddesses is designed to nurture not just physical wellness but also mental and emotional well-being. We believe in embracing life holistically and supporting each other through various aspects of our journey.

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