Four Seasons

Welcome to the pinnacle of wellness, where seasons become your compass.

Navigate the Seasons with Confidence and Control

Led by Coach Dorian and her dedicated team, Four Seasons is a high-end, small group program designed to ensure you remain steadfast in your wellness goals from the chilly months of winter to the sizzling days of summer.

The Four Seasons program embraces the ebb and flow of life’s seasons and helps you stay on track throughout the year.

Who's Four Seasons for?

If you’ve already embarked on the transformative journeys of the Happy Body Project and Happy Life, and you’re now ready to dive deeper and maintain your wellness momentum, Four Seasons is tailored for you. You’ve gained autonomy in your nutrition, mental, and movement fitness, and now you’re prepared to thrive amid life’s seasonal changes.

If any of the scenarios below resonate with you, then Four Seasons could be your go-to solution for a year of balanced and thriving well-being.

Coach Dorian's Four Seasons Program


  • Feeling unmotivated to exercise due to chilly weather and limited daylight
  • Struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and low energy levels
  • Finding it challenging to maintain healthy eating habits during the holiday season
  • Trying to stay active indoors and combat winter-related fatigue
  • Navigating disruptions to your routine caused by illness or weather-related issues


  • Seeking to renew your fitness routine and rekindle your love for movement
  • Craving more outdoor activities and fresh air after a sedentary winter
  • Striving to shed winter weight and embrace a renewed sense of vitality
  • Dealing with allergies or other seasonal health challenges that impact your wellness
  • Juggling springtime social events and commitments while staying focused on your wellness goals
Coach Dorian's Four Seasons Program
Coach Dorian's Four Seasons Program


  • Dreaming of navigating summer indulgences while staying aligned with your wellness goals
  • Desiring support in maintaining a consistent fitness routine during vacations
  • Struggling with body image concerns as swimsuit season approaches
  • Dealing with heat-related challenges that may affect your exercise routine
  • Balancing outdoor activities and relaxation while maintaining your wellness journey


  • Balancing back-to-school activities and family commitments while prioritizing self-care
  • Focusing on your wellness journey amidst the temptations of holiday parties and gatherings
  • Seeking strategies to manage stress during the busy end-of-year season
  • Dealing with changing schedules and adjusting your routine as daylight hours decrease
  • Navigating potential disruptions caused by seasonal illnesses or weather changes
Coach Dorian's Four Seasons Program

What to expect...

Experience a transformative journey within the Four Seasons program, where you will:

  • Receive private coaching sessions with Dorian, four times a year, to support you and hold you accountable.
  • Be part of a tight-knit group of like-minded women, meeting weekly to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each season.
  • Gain valuable insights and guidance from Dorian, her team, and guest coaches, as you delve into discussions about potential pitfalls and motivations tied to each season.
  • Set 12-month goals tailored to your journey, taking into account how the seasons could influence your path forward.
  • Leverage the rhythm of life to your advantage, embracing seasonal changes as opportunities for growth and progress.
  • Transition from one season to the next, armed with the tools to flourish and maintain holistic wellness throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our 12-month Four Seasons program, you’ll receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs and goals. Together, we’ll dive deep into the areas of mindset, nutrition, and overall wellness, empowering you to make sustainable changes and unlock your full potential. With my unwavering support and practical tools, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge to create a life of vibrant well-being.

Four Seasons is tailored for women who have completed the Happy Body Project and Happy Life programs. It builds upon the foundations of wellness and autonomy developed in those programs.

Through weekly group discussions and individual coaching sessions, you’ll explore how each season affects your wellness journey. You’ll gain insights, strategies, and a supportive community to tackle challenges and optimize opportunities.

Absolutely. The program empowers you to embrace the unique rhythms of each season, turning potential setbacks into powerful motivators. By understanding how seasons impact your goals, you’ll stay motivated and committed year-round.

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