Happy Body Project

Are you ready to rewrite your story and embrace a healthier, happier you? Our Happy Mind/Happy Body program will give you with the tools and support you need to make positive, lasting changes.

Hey there, phenomenal woman,

Are you tired of trying to keep up appearances and pretending everything is fine? I’ve been there too, feeling exhausted, frustrated, and stuck in self-limiting beliefs. But here’s the great news: you don’t have to settle for that!

My Signature Program, based on my 3 keystones of wellness—mental fitness, nutritional fitness, and movement fitness—we’ll tackle the areas that matter most to you, a woman over 50. We will begin with Happy Mind, where the magic starts, and then seamlessly transition into Happy Body.

My heart-centered team of coaches and I look forward to helping you cultivate a positive mindset, conquer emotional eating, reduce unwanted stress, and banish those energy-draining beliefs.

Signature Program: Part One

Happy Mind

In Happy Mind, you’ll learn and practice the mental exercises of the Positive Intelligence method. Together, we’ll conquer those pesky saboteurs that have been holding you back and kick those energy-draining, disempowering thoughts to the curb. Get ready to banish self-doubt, overcome emotional eating, and other habits that don’t serve your vision of what you want your life to be. Unleash your inner wellness warrior and conquer your journey like a boss with your positive outlook and renewed confidence.

Signature Program: Part Two

Happy Body

In Happy Body, we address common challenges of women over 50 like low energy, hormonal weight gain, and sabotaging habits. The program includes tasty, nutritious, meal plans, a friendly exercise program, expert coaching, a community of supportive women, and a lot more! By immersing yourself in Happy Body, you’ll discover newfound energy, ignite your metabolism, and achieve sustainable weight loss. Feel fantastic in your own skin and fit into your favorite jeans (or little black dress) again!

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