Metabolic Freedom

Low energy? Eating “healthy” but not losing weight? Concerned about aging?

Tired of guessing which foods are right for your body? Gain real-time insights with blood glucose monitoring, diet optimization, and group coaching lead by Coach Tess.

It's time to have Metabolic Freedom!


Impact of Food and Activities

Gain an understanding of how the foods you eat and your lifestyle impact your metabolism and glucose levels in real-time.


Optimize your Lifestyle

Discover how to make changes to your meals and daily habits to stabilize your blood glucose and improve your metabolic health.


Control your Metabolism

Have all the tools you need to optimize your blood glucose and make the right decisions for your body to become metabolically free every day.

Does this sound like you?

➡ I’ve gained weight suddenly and tried multiple diets that haven’t worked.

➡ I’m tired of the guessing game with what I should be eating to manage my weight.

➡ I’ve plateaued. The scale won’t budge.

➡ I eat “healthy” but still cannot lose weight.

➡ My energy levels and mood are all over the place!

➡ I miss eating carbs!

If so, then the Metabolic Freedom Blood Glucose Tracking Program is for you!

About the program...

Before diving into this exciting 4-week journey, you’ll need to purchase a blood glucose monitor that we will recommend.

You’ll wear this small sensor about the size of a quarter on your arm for the entire 4 weeks. The sensor will measure your body’s blood glucose levels throughout the day and transmit the results straight to an app on your smart phone.

The magic happens in the app. You’ll have access to your personalized data that shows your glucose levels and how your body reacts to different stuff you do, like eating, sleeping, or working out. It’s like uncovering secret insights into your own metabolism!

The most impactful part of this program is that you will have weekly small group coaching sessions to help you:

  • Grasp the significance of this data for your overall health
  • Analyze and interpret your own data
  • Learn to fine-tune your diet and lifestyle based on your body’s unique signals
  • Discover how blood glucose levels impact key aspects like energy, skin health, mood, weight management, cravings, aging, and your risk of metabolic issues

Ready to take control of your metabolic health?

What can I expect?

  • 5 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
  • 2 Continuous Blood Glucose Devices (Purchased Separately $135)
  • 1 Month Access to Veri App
  • 1 Program Tracking Journal
  • 4 Weekly Info Booklets
  • Social Community Membership
  • Online member hub with all course content and additional resources

Plus these 3 bonuses:

  • 1-1 Private Health Coaching Session
  • Recipe Book
  • Meal Plans

Meet your coaches...

Tess Richardson, Metabolic Freedom Coach

Tess Richardson

Tess is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified ACE Personal Trainer and a former Biohacker Trainer at Bulletproof Upgrade Labs. She is the founder of Hacked Healthy and works with clients around the world on utilizing biohacking to up-level their health.

Dorian Madreperla, Metabolic Freedom Coach

Dorian Madreperla

Dorian is a Certified Life Coach and a Mindvalley co-host for the Everycoach Life Coaching program for coaches. She is a Certified Wellness Coach, Gyrotonic Fitness Instructor, and founder of Sphericality and the Limitless Lifestyle Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

Once you register for the program, you will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase your device.

It is VERY important that you follow these few easy steps, otherwise you will not be properly prepared for your awesome 4-week journey.

YES! You will need a device such as a computer, tablet or phone to participate in the online group coaching sessions and to access your member hub & resource center as well as our social network.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the blood glucose monitor you’ll be wearing will not approve a prescription for people with diabetes.

Contact us and we will email you when the next program date is and how you can sign up.

No problem. The first coaching session of each week will be recorded and uploaded into the Member Hub & Resource Center within 24 hours.

Metabolic Freedom is not a weight loss program. It is an educational experience that is intended to give you insights to your unique body. You can then use these insights to apply to your weight loss and wellness journey.

Yes! That’s a great idea! Give the gift of wellness!

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