Happy Mind

Get ready to tap into the incredible power of your mind to build new habits, lose the weight you’ve gained through menopause, and fell comfortable in your own skin again.

Happy Mind will help you break free from limiting beliefs, and conquer your inner saboteurs, so you can finally, and forever overcome the challenges that have kept you from living your best life in a body you love.

I know what you're going through.

Like most women, when I reached the age of 49, I was wondering what the heck was happening to my body! Duh! Menopause was upon me! I was blind-sided, to say the least.

So, I set out on a mission to find a new way to help keep my body healthy, trim, and youthful and then share it with my clients.

It was about finding a different way to achieve nutritional fitness and movement fitness that supported the effects of hormonal change, and it is.

But guess what?

I discovered there was one more fundamental piece missing: mental fitness.

To change our bodies and lives, we need to change our thinking patterns.

And that’s what Happy Mind is all about. 

It’s a scientifically proven program based on mental exercises and the Positive Intelligence methodology.

You’ll learn techniques to rewire the neuropathways of your brain to overcome deeply rooted saboteurs that hijack you and control your decision-making. Then, you’ll cultivate another part of your brain that welcomes change and motivates you toward the happiest life you desire.

“Weight Loss is 80% Mental Fitness, 20% Diet & Exercise.”

~Coach Dorian​

Lasting change must start between your ears!

Are you ready to reclaim your health, happiness, and vitality?

If you are struggling with uncontrollable weight gain from hormonal change,  emotional eating, motivation, or self-sabotage, you’re not alone!

Imagine if you could finally achieve and sustain your weight loss and wellness goals by tapping into the incredible power of your own mind.

That’s precisely what this program offers. It’s scientifically based, and designed to empower you to finally regain control of your body and health, and to never spiral down again.

We’ve unlocked the secret to lasting transformation: Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence.


"I've known Dorian for about five years now, when I had the life changing experience of joining the community she created at her studio. That community -well I just can't say enough good things about it.

I attended an intro session led by Dorian on Positive Intelligence (PQ). The notion that you can "interrupt negative thought patterns in your brain and activate the positive" absolutely fascinated me. I signed up for the course and I can honestly say it's been the missing link to letting go, accepting myself and others, and cultivating more happiness in my life.

Having a "safe to be you" environment is critical to the success of the PQ Program and that is what you get with Dorian! I HIGHLY recommend this program led by Dorian; she is real, committed, passionate and vulnerable with a gift for helping others grow!!! You won't be disappointed.'

Peace and happiness to you 💕​

Have you ever said to yourself...

Why did I just eat that?


You’re tired today,  you can go to the gym next week.


It’s a special occasion, I’ll get back on track tomorrow.

That's called a saboteur hijacking.

What to expect...

Your mind is constantly sabotaging your potential for growth and happiness.

Breakthrough, research-based tools strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and quiet the part that sabotages you. You handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset, and less stress.


We call this mental fitness.

While the core of the Happy Mind program is the powerful Positive Intelligence methodology, we have tailored the experience to provide you with a unique and transformative journey. We’ve got some amazing things in store for you. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect in the 7-week course:

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

Happy Mind is a 7-week program followed by Happy Body which is an additional 7-weeks. The two programs make up the Happy Body Project.

You bet! We’re all about creating a sense of community and support. Throughout your Happy Mind journey, you’ll have access to a tribe of like-minded individuals who are cheering you on. Together, we’ll celebrate the wins, offer encouragement, and have a few virtual dance parties along the way.

 We wish we had a magic wand, but real transformation takes time and effort. The Happy Mind program is designed to create lasting change by rewiring your brain and building new habits. So, while immediate results may not be on the menu, we promise you’ll be amazed by the positive shifts you’ll experience along the way.

Ah, the secret sauce! The Happy Mind program combines the best of the best when it comes to evidence-based techniques. We’ve handpicked strategies from various methodologies, including the Positive Intelligence method, to create a powerful blend that’s all about rewiring your brain for happiness and success.

Absolutely! While we highly encourage you to also explore the Happy Body program for a holistic wellness journey, you can definitely start with the Happy Mind program on its own. It’s a fantastic foundation for creating a positive mindset and setting the stage for overall well-being.

We understand that financial considerations are important. The investment for the Happy Mind program will be discussed during our call to ensure it aligns with your goals and expectations. We’re here to find the best fit for you!

We want to make sure the program is a great fit for you, so we do require a conversation with Dorian before signing up. This ensures that we can address any specific questions or concerns you may have and ensure the program is tailored to your unique needs.

Positive Intelligence is a methodology that combines insights from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and positive psychology. It focuses on rewiring the brain to build mental fitness, overcome self-sabotage, and cultivate a positive mindset. It’s a powerful approach that we incorporate into the Happy Mind program for transformative results.

We’re confident that the Happy Mind program will bring about positive changes in your life. If you enroll in the full program, actively participate, and still find yourself unsatisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee. We’ll have a call to discuss your concerns and determine the best way forward. Your satisfaction is important to us!

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