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The Happy Body Project 2024

A transformative one-of-a-kind weight loss and wellness program that bridges the gap between mind and body for women over 50.

Transform Your Body & Your Life in Just 14 Weeks with Our Signature “Happy Body Project,” guaranteed!

Unlock the Secrets of Mental Fitness, Nutritional Mastery, and Optimized Movement… And Say Hello to the Best Version of Yourself!

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Are you looking for a weight loss & wellness solution that is targeted for your unique needs & desires as a woman over 50?
(or a woman experiencing hormonal change.)

Do you desire to feel comfortable in your skin again and live a long, healthy, happy "life part II" enjoying travel, grandkids, retirement, activities and adventures in a body you love?

My Invitation To You...Prepare your mind, change your body.

Like many of you, I grappled with the effects of hormonal change that left me and many of my clients feeling less confident and uncomfortable in our bodies. This was my inspiration to find a solution.

Despite the success my clients experienced in my programs, I noticed a pattern – most of my clients would often spiral down and eventually revert back to old habits.

I looked hard at my life, seeking the secret to my continuous, upward spiral in my wellness. The answer was clear yet overlooked: I was consistently engaged in personal growth work to conquer my limiting beliefs and sabotaging thoughts alongside my physical health endeavors.

Today, my coaching begins with a crucial first step – Mental Fitness. It’s about preparing the mind, making it receptive & supportive of the changes we desire. Only then do we dive into the physical aspects.

This holistic approach has been a game-changer, not just for my clients but for me as well. And now, I invite you on this journey to rewire, rebuild, and reclaim the body, wellness, and life you desire and deserve.

“When you focus on mental fitness first, you can achieve anything and everything. Dorian's coaching has proven to be life changing. I have made enormous strides with challenges that have been holding me back.I went from being fearful of certain situations to being unstoppable!! It feels AMAZING!!!! I look forward to applying the techniques to all life's challenges, especially with my wellness, because I know they work!”​

What happened to my body?

We’ve all been there – staring blankly in the mirror or out the window, wondering how our bodies have gotten this way.

Never did we realize the massive havoc hormonal change would take on our bodies and our spirits. Thinking, we know we need to take action, but why can’t we muster the willpower to stick to a diet, or why do we resist exercise?

“This is not how I want to live the rest of my life.”  

The culprits? Deep-seated mental blocks and sabotaging behaviors that keep us in the safety of our comfort zones. 

From childhood, these survival mechanisms weave into our psyche and become negative default thinking patterns that influence all of our choices.

The result?

You are sad, spiraling down, and feeling defeated and not capable of taking action, although you fiercely want change to live your best life in a body you love.

“Weight Loss is 80% Mental Fitness, 20% Diet & Exercise.”

~Coach Dorian

Imagine a life of renewed...


You've lost the weight without struggling and beating yourself up. You feel good in your clothes. You are comfortable & happy in your own skin. No more hiding from the camera!


You wake with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. You are eager to seize the day & all its possibilities. Your new stress-free, positive outlook spills over into everything you do. Life is good!


Dreams you thought were out of reach are now part of your reality. You have the power of your new mind and body to enjoy anything you want, including running after your grandkids!

Command your mind...command your body

In a world of fleeting fitness fads, too many experts and temporary fixes, my signature program stands out as a comprehensive, science-backed pathway to hormonal balance, lasting weight loss, wellness and life happiness I created for myself and my clients and now share with you..

Grounded in my three keystones of wellness – Mental Fitness, Nutrition Fitness, and Movement Fitness – this is more than just a weight loss program; it’s a life-altering experience designed meticulously to help you build new wellness habits that cater to your needs as a woman over 50 in both your mind and body in the company of other like-minded women!

The goal is that you learn to command your mind so you can command your body, your wellness, and your happiness. Never spiral down in your wellness and your life ever again.

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I love the four pillars for healthy eating, clarifying the difference between activity and exercise, and the vast amount of information about how to strengthen your mind and set goals. I learned a ton about my blood glucose, major ways I have set myself up for failure in the past, and that I need to create muscle not just lose fat. The Positive Intelligence coaching to manage my saboteurs is a life-changer! The support was Excellent! I'm so excited to follow the process and reach my goals!

Is this right for you?

If you are over 50, ready to lose weight forever, reclaim your health, happiness, and vitality...then YES!

The true distinction of our program lies in its thoroughness and focus on the unique needs of women over 50, and any woman experiencing the effects of hormonal change.

From hormonal weight gain to low energy levels, to aging health, grandkids, empty nesting, retirement, knee issues, bone & heart health…to name a few! We’ve got you covered! 

With the “Happy Body Project,” you’ll experience a holistic approach utilizing our six lifestyle essentials to build and imprint new habits so you can live your best life.

From habit-based nutrition that’s attuned to your body’s hormonal milieu to sleep and stress management and optimized exercise & movement (no jumping or flipping tires!), the program envelopes every facet of wellness.

The jewel in our crown? A robust community to buoy you through your journey, ensuring that you never feel alone. Moreover, our legacy of success is a testament to our program’s efficacy, with countless success stories that resonate with genuine change and personal empowerment.

“Wellness after 50 is about rewriting the rules. It's not just about physical health; it's about cultivating a life filled with passion, purpose, and endless possibilities.”

~Coach Dorian

Imagine 3 months from today

Imagine waking up three months from now with a spring in your step, happy when you look in the mirror and feeling invincible.

With HBP, this isn’t just a dream.

As your mental blocks dissolve, you’ll witness weight loss, surging energy, and a rekindled confidence.

Feeling comfortable and happy in your clothes again? That’s just the cherry on top.

With a renewed mind, and newfound knowledge about your body, combined with sustainable eating and movement habits, you’ll be equipped to enjoy your life to the fullest.

And remember, with lifetime access to our material and our community, your journey of wellness and growth never truly ends.

“This program has been a life changer for me! I went in with the goals of working on emotional eating, portion control, and embracing exercise again. I achieved that and so much more. Learning to identify my saboteurs & take charge of them has helped me meet my initial goals, and given me the tools that I have already begun using to improve both my personal & professional life. I’m looking forward to continuing my practice to see what more I can achieve with my new mindset!”
New York

How does it work?

Combining a potent mix of mental fitness coaching based on positive psychology and neuroplasticity, habit-based lifestyle nutrition, and movement-based strategies, our program addresses wellness issues at the very core.

Part One: Happy Mind

The first 7 weeks of your journey begins with priming your mind to support the changes you desire.  We use the ™Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coaching method. Each week, you will watch a few videos and practice some mind exercises to build three core mental muscles, and build new neuropathways in your brain that will say “yes” to change.  You’ll permanently quiet your saboteurs so you can build new habits and live your happiest life in a body you love.

Part Two: Happy Body

Now that you’ve taken command of your mind, it’s time to work on your body. 

The subsequent seven weeks imbue your life with Nutrition and Movement Fitness curated to your unique needs as a woman over 50 so you will lose weight and feel better about yourself than you have in years.  

Coupled with family-friendly, delicious, and simple weekly meal plans in your personal program dashboard, live and recorded exercise classes for every level, weekly live group coaching, and an inclusive community platform, every resource you could possibly need is at your fingertips.

With continued mental fitness development throughout the program, you’ll establish new habits that will last a lifetime.

In 3 months, you will...

I Guarantee Your Results!

“If your mind is crowded with old negative beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors, all the salads and squats in the world won't bring lasting change.”

~Coach Dorian

A Two Part Program: What's Included

Happy Mind

Discover, weaken, and command the saboteurs that live in your mind and influence your choices that  keep you from losing weight and making any other positive change you desire.  

Weekly Live Group Coaching

Positive Intelligence App

Weekly Lessons & Exercises

Positive Intelligence Audio Book

Community Platform


Happy Body

Now that you have command over your saboteurs, you’re ready for your physical weight loss & wellness journey. With your saboteurs under control, you have the power to make anything happen.  

Weekly Live Group Coaching

Happy Body Project Learning Hub & Dashboard

Weekly Meal Plans & Grocery Lists (optional Vegan/Vegetarian)

Recipe Book, Supplement Guide & Other Support  Materials

Full access to the Virtual Exercise System &  Studio + Exercise Planner & in-person classes if local to Flemington, N.J.

Daily Support, Learning & Motivational Messages

Accounta-Buddy Partner (if you opt)



Plus, you’ll receive these bonuses:

One Year Subscription to my Virtual Exercise Studio including daily live-streamed classes, recorded class library, meditations, meal plans and more. 

Best of Master Wellness Classes from our virtual wellness retreats. 

A selection of my 10 greatest wellness guides for women over 50. 

My Low GI Recipe Collection with 24 tasty recipes to keep you in fat-burning zone!  


“Weight Loss & Body Happiness isn’t what you’s how you think.”

~Coach Dorian

Hey, I'm Coach Dorian

I am a certified Health & Well-Being, Fitness, Life, and Mental Fitness Coach specializing in working with women over 50 since 2011.

I understand what you’re going through; I’m 61 and with you. You’re like, “What the heck is happening to my body, and why can’t I get this under control?”

We have so much change happening to our bodies and lives. 

  • Hormones Changing: You’re gaining weight (what’s with the belly fat?!) Your energy is in the dumpster. Your joints might be aching. Your confidence is waning. You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin.
  • Life Changing: Your kids are leaving the house. Friends are moving away. You may be thinking about a career change. Grandkids are coming. Retirement is around the corner. Maybe you’re a caretaker.
  • Perspective Changing: Thinking about age-related disease. Thinking, “Am I too old now to make any changes?” “Am I less relevant in the world?” “What’s my purpose now that the kids are gone.”  

WOW!! That’s a lot to navigate! 

Let’s turn all this upside down and inside out! I did it, and so can you!  

This should be the most fulfilling time of your life. You are wise and have unique life experiences to build a renewed body and new identity!

Don’t succumb to society’s stereotypes and stigmas about life after menopause. This is your time to shine! ☀️

Let’s live into Life Part II together!

I was feeling horrible. I was feeling unhealthy. I had gained a tremendous amount of weight. I had gone as high as 196.8 pounds. . I had no ambition and no energy. I was lost, defeated, and embarrassed of the way that I let my body go. You told me, Angel, you can do this. Let’s do it together. And you coached me, and you've changed my life. I have lost a ton of weight. I've got my zest for life back and I am feeling phenomenal.
New Jersey

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

NO!! This program is available to women all over the world.  You only need a device to access all the materials, apps and live coaching sesisons

This program is customizable to you!  We embrace women at any stage of wellness.  There is no right or wrong or ahead or behind.  You just be you and take what you need.

YES!  For the month of December, you only need 15 minutes a day to devote to your Positive Intelligence Exercises!  It’s the perfect time to start!  Your brain will be primed and ready to support you on your wellness journey in January.

No, Mental Fitness is not therapy.

Mental fitness is about noticing the emotions of what you are experiencing in the now, and how to shift from negative to positive emotions so you make choices that serve your ultimate goals.

With continued practice, we rewire default negative thinking patterns to default positive thinking, leading to actions and outcomes that serve our greatest desires.

No worries!  I have designed our exercise system to accomodate for women with any physical limitations. No jumping on boxes or flipping tires here!  Just effective, optimized movement that addresses ALL of your needs and concerns.

YES!  Use this link:

Yes.  If you do the work and do not move toward your goals in a satisfactory manner, I will refund your money. 

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