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The Little Black Dress Challenge 2024!

A transformative, one-of-a-kind weight loss and wellness program, especially for women over 50, to help you reconnect with your body and renew your life!

Make 2024 the year of  “YOU.” Join our famous “Little Black Dress” 7-week challenge.

Lose weight, get healthy, and gain happiness with like-minded women in a fun, encouraging and nourishing community.

You’re next!

Starting January 2024. 

Do you feel uncomfortable in your body and clothes, but can't seem to get a grip on how to lose weight and feel good about yourself again?


Little Black Dress women 2019

My invitation to you...

Join us!

After an almost four-year hiatus, (thank you COVID), our famous Little Black Dress Challenge is back better than ever! It’s time to turn your life, wellness, and health around for good. I couldn’t be more excited!

I designed this program with women over 50 in mind, to help you easily change habits that don’t serve you, re-balance your hormones, and change your mindset so you can finally get your weight under control, get back into your favorite clothes, and live your BEST life!

You deserve it.  My team and I are here to support you at every turn.

The challenge is specially priced so anyone can afford it!

It’s 2024, and this is YOUR year to shine brighter than ever in a body you love.

Real transformations. Real women.

Go All-In and expect these happy outcomes...

Sounds good, right?

How does it work?

Hi, I’m Coach Dorian. I am a certified Health and well-being, Fitness, Life, and Mental Fitness Coach (specializing in working with women over 50 since 2011,) and I’m so excited about the return of our famous Little Black Dress Challenge for 2024.

I created this weight loss and wellness challenge in 2016 to empower women, especially during pre and post-menopause.

Hundreds of women have lost hundreds of pounds and gained kilos of confidence, happiness, and empowerment!

Weight management and aging health are way more than diet and exercise. Although they are fundamental, they are only a part of the whole picture and are the only things most of us focus on.

This program focuses on every aspect of your life that contributes to living your best life in a body you love. I call them the Six Limitless Lifestyle Essentials.

You’ll get 6 weeks of “done-for-you” meal plans, grocery lists, complete recipe books, and other nutritional guides. (Gluten-free & Dairy-free. We also have vegetarian and vegan options.)

You’ll also get unlimited access to our group fitness exercise system at Sphericality or online for the duration of your challenge.

And here’s what’s really cool. Each week, we will focus on a different lifestyle essential in an enjoyable and informative way in your personalized online program “hub” and our famous “Daily Dose” motivation and accountability email messages.

Week 0

Get Ready

Preparation is key!  We want to give you ample time to get yourself geared up and psyched up!

After our kick-off,  you’ll be primed and ready to dive in to your new wellness journey!  


Week 1


This week we will focus on everything nutrition! You’ll learn how to quickly prep and plan your meals with our done-for-you meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, and coaching. The food is delicious and family-friendly, so your family will get healthier too! 

In six weeks, you’ll lose weight, sugar-cravings, toxins, and habits that do not serve you. Healthy eating habits will become your norm.

Week 2


Now that you’re settled into your nutrition and meal planning, it’s time to get moving. All we ask is that you show up for yourself. Commit to walking a few times a week or customize your perfect exercise routine.  This exercise plan will fuse with your meal plan to amp up your metabolism and burn fat, getting you back driving your wellness wagon. 

Week 3

Stress & Sleep

You’re on a roll now with your meals and your movement! This week, our focus will be calming down and getting better rest.  Stress makes us produce a hormone called cortisol that encourages the body to hang on to fat. During our sleeping hours, our bodies do a major hormonal re-set.  We want to make sure that happens so that our exercise and nutrition efforts aren’t sabotaged.

Week 4


Change starts from the top… your brain.

A positive and joyful mindset is key to success and happiness. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs and sabotaging thoughts that hold you back from making the changes you so want to live your best life.

Enjoy a special live “Happy Mind” group coaching class with Coach Dorian.  

Week 5


This week, we’re learning the art of self-coaching. 

From discerning wants versus needs to getting aligned with your values and setting meaningful goals, these are the fundamental coaching practices that will transform your life and support you in reaching your desired outcomes, and most importantly sustain them. 

Week 6


Community is key to long-term success.  It’s one of the most essential things we cultivate during this experience. We are hard-wired to come together to get things done. Why do you think women always go to the restroom together?? 

As we wrap up the challenge, we’ll focus on the power of support, accountability, friendship, and the fellowship of women in wellness.

Some comments from the community...

Imagine 7 weeks from today...

Imagine waking up seven weeks from now with a spring in your step, happy when you look in the mirror and feeling invincible.

With LBD, this isn’t just a dream.

With our holistic- and community-based approach,  you’ll experience weight loss, surging energy, and a rekindled confidence.

Feeling comfortable and happy in your clothes again? That’s just the cherry on top.

With a renewed spirit, and newfound knowledge about your body, combined with sustainable eating and movement habits, you’ll be on your way to living your most enriched life.

And remember, you get lifetime access to our material and our community, your journey of wellness and growth never truly ends.

What you get...

Enjoy unlimited, fun, doable group fitness classes

We’ll celebrate your success together with food, laughs, awards and prizes!

Snippets from our last Little Black Dress!

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I was feeling horrible. I was feeling unhealthy. I had gained a tremendous amount of weight. I had gone as high as 196.8 pounds. . I had no ambition and no energy. I was lost, defeated, and embarrassed of the way that I let my body go. You told me, Angel, you can do this. Let’s do it together. And you coached me, and you've changed my life. I have lost a ton of weight. I've got my zest for life back and I am feeling phenomenal.
New Jersey

Little Black Dress Challenge 2024

Regular Program Price: $597
Bonuses Value: $297
Total Value: $894

Your Price: $297

What will it cost you NOT to do this?

Not sure? Have questions?

Give me a call or shoot me a text at 908-376-1422, or schedule a chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

NO!! This program is available to women all over the world.  You choose if you will participate in group fitness classes online or in person at our studio and headquarters in Flemington, NJ.

This program is customizable to you!  We embrace women at any stage of wellness.  There is no right or wrong or ahead or behind.  You just be you and take what you need.

No worries!  I have designed our exercise system to accomodate for women with any physical limitations. No jumping on boxes or flipping tires here!  Just effective, optimized movement that addresses ALL of your needs and concerns.

Absolutely! We have several workouts in your home base online program hub so you won’t miss a workout.  You can use our Wellness Travel Guide to figure out the rest!

No worries!  We have vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan meal plan options.  The regular meal plan is gluten free and dairy free for those women who have sensitivities.  We do not accomodate for any other food sensitivies or allergies.

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